Flare Gas Capture

Are you Flaring Away your Money? Instead of flaring your gas, take it to the bank by utilizing Pioneer Energy’s revolutionary Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS ®), a mobile flare gas capture & processing system.

Pioneer Energy’s revolutionary Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS ®) is a mobile flare gas capture & processing system that can be placed at remote oil wells sites prior to any other gas capture infrastructure. This patented and proprietary flare gas capture system provides best-in-class performance, due in large part to its advanced refrigeration and stripping system which cools the gas to as cold as -70C. This results in extremely high Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) capture efficiency as well as a dry methane output stream of superior quality (Cummins methane number of 70+) suitable for use in on-site power or for production of CNG or LNG. Pioneer’s system completely dehydrates the gas stream through use of a regenerative molecular sieve requiring no consumables (no methanol or glycol required). The MAGS flare gas capture system also de-ethanizes the NGL and methane products, consuming the low-value ethane to power the process.

 Pioneer Energy’s flare gas capture systems are mobile, modular, and scalable. Mobile Alkane Gas Separators are available with capacities of 400 MCF/day, 1,200 MCF/day and 5,000 MCF/day, and multiple MAGS units can be placed in parallel to meet the capacity needs of any given flare. As production from wells diminishes over time, MAGS units can be rapidly redeployed to other locations, keeping a close match between rate of gas production and available processing capacity. MAGS units can be redeployed in as little as 24 hours.

 Pioneer Energy’s mobile flare gas solutions can help you monetize associated gas at your oil well, dramatically reducing or even eliminating flaring. The MAGS can reduce your environmental foot print, help you achieve regulatory compliance, and dramatically improve your bottom line. Contact us today to learn how you can put MAGS to work for you.


Demonstration of Pioneer Energy’s Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS) systems

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Mobile Flare Gas Capture (MAGS)

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